The main music theme throughout the film is a famous Mexican folklore song called ‘La Lllorna’ meaning ‘The Weeping Woman’. 

The legend goes, that a beautiful women named Maria once threw her children in the river in protest of her ranchero husband doing wrong by her.  She instantly regretted this and drowned her self in the river. This is the folkloric story told for hundreds of years. 

The recording of the track was made famous by Chavela Vagras a cancion ranchera singer, born in Costa Rica. Vargas began singing in her 30’s; she dressed in men’s clothes, drank and smoked cigars and carried a gun like a man. 

She is also known for being a close friend of Frida Khalo and in her later years a muse of Pedro Amoldovar.

As you listen to the music you'll also hear a soundscape underscore written by Composer Brendan Woithe.

Our story ends with a Mariachi track using one of Mexico Cities most authentic bands - they performed their own interpretation of 'La Llorona', which was recorded with  Panoram Music in Mexic. 

The music production and licensing spanned 4 countries in 3 continents, led byRebecca Grierson.